…in 1987 at its Sixth International Leaders’s Conference in Rome :

“This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church. The vigour and fruitfulness of the Renewal certainly attest to the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit at work in the Church in these years after the Second Vatican Council … Because of the Spirit, the Church preserves a continual youthful vitality. And the Charismatic Renewal is an eloquent manifestation of this vitality today, a bold statement of what ‘the Spirit is saying to the churches’ (Rev.2:7) as we approach the close of the second Millenium….”(L’Osservatore Romano, 15-5-87 ).

Among the participants in this fastest-spreading post-Vatican II renewal are found laymen and laywomen, religious sisters and brothers, priests and bishops. Estimates of the total number of Catholics involved or influenced by the Renewal vary from between 120 million worldwide. At the 1981 International Leaders’ Conference in Rome , John Paul II referred to an earlier apt papal description of the Renewal which, he said, had been fulfilled:

“In 1975, my venerable predecessor Pope Paul VI addressed the International Charismatic Congress which assembled here in Rome , and ….. described this movement for renewal in the Spirit as ‘ a chance for the Church and for the world’ ; and the six years since that Congress have borne out the hope that inspired his vision. The Church has seen the fruits of your devotion to prayer in a deepened commitment to holiness of life and love for the word of God. We have noted with particular joy the way in which leaders of the renewal have more and more developed a broadened ecclesial vision and have made efforts to make this vision increasingly a reality for those who depend on them for guidance. And we have likewise seen the signs of your generosity in sharing God’s gifts with the unfortunate of this world in justice and charity, so that all people may experience the priceless dignity that is theirs in Christ.” (lbid., 7 May, 1981 )

The central goals of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal include:

To foster a mature and continuous personal conversion to Jesus Chris, our Lord and Savior.
To foster a decisive personal receptivity to the person, presence and the power of the Holy Spirit.


These two spiritual graces are often experienced together in what is called in different parts of the world as baptism in the Holy Spirit [BHS], or a release of the Holy Spirit, or a renewal of the Holy Spirit.

To foster the reception and use of the spiritual gifts (Charismata) not only in the charismatic renewal but also in the broader Church. These gifts, ordinary and extraordinary, are abundantly found among laity, religious and clergy. Their proper understanding and use, in harmony with other elements of the church life, is a source of strength for Christians on their journey towards holiness and in the carrying out of their mission.

To foster the work of evagelization in the power of the Holy Spirit, including the evangelization of the unchurched, the re – evangelization of nominal Christians, the evangelization of culture and social structures. The renewal especially promotes sharing in the church’s mission by proclaiming the gospel in word and deed, and by bearing witness to Jesus Christ through personal testimony and through those works of faith and justice to which each one is called.

To foster the ongoing growth in holiness though the proper integration of these charismatic emphases with the full life of the church. This is accomplished through participation in a rich sacramental and liturgical life, an appreciation of the tradition of Catholic prayer and spirituality, an ongoing formation in Catholic doctrine guided by the Church’s magisterium, and participation in the pastoral plan of the Church.

CCR specially stress the goal of fostering a mature and continuous conversion to Jesus Christ, especially through an in-depth and ongoing study of the Word of God and frequent reception of the sacraments The Baptism in the Holy Spirit must necessarily lead to an empowering for personal Christian service in the Church and in the world. Hence every leader in the Renewal (from each of the three streams) has a special duty to foster the reception and proper use of the spiritual gifts. The People of God and its leaders at all levels need these charisms of the spirit to fulfil their mission in these modern times. The CCR has a special role in bringing the use of charisms to the daily life of the Church for growth in personal holiness and effective service of the Church.

CCR emphasis the goal of an “ongoing growth in holiness through the proper integration of these charismatic emphases with the full life of the Church”, especially by guiding and encouraging people to reach out in various ways, like making the Small Christian Communities of the parishes come alive, and involvement in other forms of community – building in keeping with the diocesan pastoral plans.

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