National Intercessory Network (NIN)

The NIN was set up in 1995 with Mr. Cyril John as its coordinator. There were about 10,000 intercessors all over the country who were part of the network interceding for specific intentions meant for the Church, the renewal and the country for about 15 minutes daily. Presently Mr. Romeo Fernando is the Coordinator of NIN with Fr. Solomon Rodrigues (both from Vasai) as the NST representative. Every year, 2nd October is observed nationwide as the National Day of Intercession.

NIN Intentions

WORLD: Let us pray for the World leaders that they may stand united against terrorism that has gripped the world and may initiate dialogue and steps to promote peace in the war affected regions.

COUNTRY: Let us pray for the upcoming General Elections of our country in 2019, that the Lord may himself choose and anoint his servants who would serve the people of the country according to his will.

CHURCH: Let us pray for the protection of missionaries who have chosen the regions of adverse conditions to proclaim the gospel. Let us implore the protection of Mother Mary and all the saints for missionaries as they may stand guard in the mission.

CCR: Let us pray that in this year dedicated as the “Year of Charisms” by CCR in India, all parishes across the country may initiate programs on the Charisms of the Holy Spirit. The prayer groups may be strengthened by the use of Charisms.

YOUTH: Let us pray for the formation and strengthening of Youth United for Christ (YU4C) teams in all dioceses of our country, thus the youth may transform their lives and become strong pillars of our Holy Church.


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