“Led by the Spirit to live in the Heart of the Church, for the sake of that world”

By becoming active advocates of the baptism in the Holy Spirit we envision a future where Catholics through the charismatic expression, are empowered by the Spirit to embrace the culture of Pentecost as a daily reality of their lives, and as a renewed incentive to prayer, holiness, communion and proclamation of Christ’s mission.

“In our time that is so hungry for hope, make the Holy Spirit known and loved. Help bring to life that ‘culture of Pentecost’ that alone can make fruitful the civilization of love and friendly co-existence among peoples. With fervent insistence, never tire of praying ‘Come Holy Spirit! Come! Come!’”
– Pope John Paul II (Address to Delegates from the Renewal in the Spirit, 2004)

The purpose of Pentecost was – and still is – the empowering of the Church with the same power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead! The Holy Spirit draws us into communion with the Lord and participation in His Divine Life and mission. That communion is lived in the Church. The Catholic Catechism, quoting St Augustine, affirms “What the soul is to the human body, the Holy Spirit is to the Body of Christ, which is the Church.”
(CCC # 797)

We want to see the culture of Pentecost permeate into every area of our human existence where our personal encounter lives on and makes us effective witnesses where we are placed. It is the Holy Spirit who makes it possible for us to live lives of sacrificial love, holiness and service in a world where Christ is alive through the body of Christ, the Church – of which we are all members.

We are led by the Spirit to live in the Heart of the Church, for the sake of that world.

We are called to live a unity of life, where Christian faith is not compartmentalized but rather informs and permeates our daily life. We are called to love the Church, recognizing that she is “Some – One” not something – the Body of Christ continuing His redemptive mission on the earth until He returns.

We are called to demonstrate that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are real and available for all Catholics

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